Is Dolphin free?
Yes. Dolphin is free to use for as long as you wish, and contains small links or ads that are references to Boonex. If you wish to remove these at any time, you may purchase a license for that.
Where can I get a free Dolphin license?
Dolphin free licenses are available at Unity. Join Unity and go to the My Licenses? section of your account, where you may generate an unlimited number of Dolphin free licenses.
How can I edit the default Dolphin content?
The default Dolphin content can be edited in the language file:
Admin Panel -> Settings -> Languages Settings -> Search for strings -> "Look for" here you should search
for the corresponding language key and change its value.
Where can I download the latest Dolphin version?
You can learn more about the latest Dolphin version, its improvements, newly implemented features and a download link on the BoonEx main website.
How can I test the latest version?
You are welcome to test the latest Dolphin version on our live site - BoonEx.us
Where can I get support services?
You are welcome to join Unity - the Community of Communities where webmasters and web developers help each other.
Where can I find/order modifications, templates and other plug-ins for my Community website powered by Dolphin?
All miscellaneous products for Dolphin, and other BoonEx products, are offered at Unity.
What if I have some development skills and can develop modifications or other things for Dolphin?
Join Unity, where you can register as an Expert and offer your products and support services.
What if have some good ideas for future Dolphin versions?
You are welcome to discuss your ideas at Unity or the TRAC system to contribute to the Dolphin development process.
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